Driving Lessons Durham Articles Welcome to the new Horizon Driving School website!

Welcome to the new Horizon Driving School website!

Hi there if you’re reading this! Just a quick post to welcome you to the new Horizon Driving School website, your first port of call for learning to drive in and around Durham City.

Alan asked me to create a new website for him to sit alongside the Facebook page he has been using for Horizon. He’ll be posting here in the future to keep you informed of more great test passes, as well as any special offers or articles he may want to share with you.

If you’ve learned to drive with Alan in the past, please stop by and leave him a comment or two. It’s good to get feedback for your efforts. There’s a section for Testimonials here and they include some of Alan’s pupils who’ve passed their tests with flying colours after having driving lessons with him.

This kind of business thrives on word of mouth and there’s no greater recommendation than from someone who has learned and passed their test. Please share to your media accounts.

Thanks, Dave (webmaster)

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Horizon Driving School website!”

  1. Gomer says:

    It’s good to know that Alan now has a website. It’s easier now to refer him to potential customers, to my friends in social media, as I can just share the link to this site. 

    I can say he’s one of the best because, he knows how to put himself on the shoes of his students. With other instructors and driving schools out there? You will feel uneasy. But with Alan, although he’s keen on the details and quite strict with his rules, he has his unique ways of making you feel relaxed which makes the learning process so much easier.

  2. Dominic says:

    Hi Dave

    A great driving school is important in this day and age with so many distractions for younger drivers, having an instructor that is both knowledgable and patient, and cars that are well maintained can make all the difference and reading your testimonials I am sure that you guys are the best. Good Luck.

    1. dave says:

      Thanks Dominic, trust and reputation count for a lot. The student must be confident that their instructor is going to be patient and calm with them whilst they take their lessons. Alan’s testimonials certainly prove that his past students certainly think so!

  3. Hi, Dave or Alan.

    I’m not in or around Durham; still in the USA. Our daughter is going to Devon as an Au pair soon, and she’s got this fixed idea in her head to make her driver’s license in the UK. Do you by any chance happen to know if that is possible for her to do as an American citizen?
    Your driving school seems very trustworthy and I also wonder if you have only this one location or perhaps one that’s closer to the Devon County area as well?

    Thank you so much for your help.



    1. dave says:

      Hi there Keryn, Here’s a page that may help you and your daughter out.

      On the question of locations, no Alan only operates in the Durham area, but a search in Devon will no doubt reveal many other options for her.

      1. Hi Keryn, if you would like I can ask in my ADI pages for recommendations in Devon, which town or area is your daughter going to? I can ask and see if we can get any help if required. If you look at http://www.gov.uk/driving-nongb-licence you will get the most up to date information.
        A few years ago I had a preacher who was moving from America to the UK he could drive on his American licence for a year. He sat a UK test as he was staying longer.
        Hope your daughter enjoys her time in the UK.
        Regards Alan

  4. Riaz Shah says:

    Great initiative on helping Alan, Dave

    I think it’s splendid to have updates especially on tests for the driving school, my niece will soon be eligible to start applying for the driving test and honestly, I think hope is too far for her to grasp with that kind of driving and temper. (I hope she’s not finding my comment here!).

    Superb testimonials, looking forward for some exciting updates my friend 😀

    1. dave says:

      Thanks Riaz, I think the testimonials are very important to any student. If the instructor gets glowing comments, it will encourage the student to think they’ve picked the right instructor. Alan certainly gets the ‘thumbs up’ from his students!

  5. Femi says:


    Word of mouth is certainly what drives your business, and I can remember my first driving instructor very well and how pivotal she was to my success. Unfortunately, she fell ill towards the end of my training and couldn’t do my test with her. But I always had a good thing to say about her to friends and family.

    Please, can you provide a link to your facebook page so that we can quickly and easily access and the page and promote your business on social media?



    1. dave says:

      Hi there Femi, thanks for your comments. Here’s the facebook page:


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