Driving Lessons Durham Articles Instructors’ Dual Controls – Putting you in the picture

Instructors’ Dual Controls – Putting you in the picture

dual control pedals

Just to put people in the picture about the dual controls that instructors have!

They are not a magic solution to driving, they don’t control a pupils decision making, their nerves or their fears about other drivers!

If you drive too close to a Learner car and the pupil happens to press the brake by mistake or too hard, there is absolutely nothing the instructor can do to override it, other than tell them to come off the brake, if they don’t and you go into the back of us it’s because you are too close!

We also have a clutch pedal, which if they struggle due to stalling we can help them with, though we would rather not, believe it or not, beeping the horn doesn’t make them pull off any quicker, more likely they will stall again!

We don’t have an accelerator pedal, we can’t make them go faster from our side of the car only encourage them verbally!

Often approaching a junction you may find they slow down quite early, the reason for this is because they are listening to where we want them to go on the junction!

Multi tasking is difficult for new drivers, please be patient and try and understand what’s happening in the car!

With regards instructors having nerves of steel, we don’t, we are ordinary family men and women, trying to help other people’s very nervous children learn to do what you are doing, drive a car!

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1 thought on “Instructors’ Dual Controls – Putting you in the picture”

  1. Dave says:

    Great article this! I knew instructors had dual controls, but was never sure exactly how much control you really have. Thanks for the article Alan.

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